Tatiana Sougakova

Artist Biography:

Tatiana L. Sougakova – Russian born, emerging American artist, lives and works in New Jersey. Tatiana has received classical training in representational arts in St. Petersburg, Russia. In the early 2000s she started experimenting with the abstract concepts. Tatiana’s work has been featured in juried and solo shows in galleries and alternative spaces. She participated in large public projects: outdoor installations, outdoor sculpture commissions. Tatiana has always been drawn to large scale interactive public projects, which help bringing arts and community together by creating sense of excitement and belonging.

Title: “If Streets Wore Jewelry”

Preferred site: any sunny spot on the street or in the park under a tree or a lamppost (to hang the pieces) where people can come closely to examine the patterns

Art Proposal:

Proposed installation snows whimsical mobiles that reference large jewelry pieces. They will move in the air, and brightly sparkle in the sun.  Several panels will be installed in different outdoor locations under the direct sunlight. Mobile panels will feature double-sided CDs with unique no-repeat hand-drawn patterns.  The “jewelry” pieces will be suspended off the tree branches or attached to man-made permanent fixtures. The artist will collaborate with the organizers on selecting locations.

Community participation “No patterns are alike”:
There is a possibility for a public participation. For example, family “treasure hunt” can have a map showing locations of the pieces of “jewelry”, and a game to see if there any CD patterns that look exactly alike. The artist can provide instructions for a pattern design session, or a workshop on making mobiles out of CDs.
Proof of concept:

This concept and a similar assemblage was successfully tested outdoor during Plainsboro art festival in 2013 and during JCART art walk in Gordon Park of Jersey City in 2015 (photos enclosed).
Using different patterns on CDs has been proven to be a successful concept, as people came closer to have a look, and commented on the unique way the CDs were up-cycled.

Website: www.sougakova.com