Steven Kroeger

Artist Biography:

Social justice and environmentalism are priorities in my life and are reflected in my artwork.
My art is created from post-consumer and recycled materials; rescuing objects from the
landfill has become a hobby of mine, to extend their existence. I explore a visual language on
current political trends by responding to inequality to provoke discourse amongst my
audience. I communicate for a community by addressing relational political trends, to not only
encourage the audience, but to stimulate transformation. As an artist, I entertain the senses
of sight, sound, scent and touch, but my true intent is to raise awareness.

Title: “Lampost”

Art Proposal:

Lampost, is a kinetic sculpture 3’x6’x21’, which can be electrically internally lit. It’s constructed from post consumer materials, originating from a street lamppost, with salvaged perforated metal, and canvas. The purpose of the perforated metal is to allow daylight to pass through from one side to another which creates an optical illusion that resembles glowing embers. The canvas catches wind to mimic the movement of fire. In higher winds, sounds of the canvas resemble crackling fire. The sculpture stimulates the senses of sight, and sound.

The sight the piece would need is a place in which I could anchor into the ground. I can also install the sculpture into tailored made temporary foundations for its designated site. Electricity isn’t necessary, but would allow for the art to be lit from within after dark.