Sean Langlais

Artist Biography:

Sean Langlais, born in Connecticut spent much of his early youth moving up and down the east coast, from Maine to Florida and to parts of the mid west from Kansas to Wisconsin. Sean’s family eventually moved back to Connecticut where Sean became interested in old mechanical clocks at the age of 13. One year later, Sean apprenticed with a master clock maker and went on to create his own unique expressions of motion, kinetic energy, and time. Sean’s work explores the nature and history of material culture and applied technology. Some of Sean’s mixed media works seek to reconcile the products of humanity to nature. Sometimes the juxtapositions are a form of absurdist humor in which the viewer is existentially confronted, and still at other times, the juxtapositions are easily assimilated into everyday experiences. Sean has exhibited his work in various venues from Boston to New York. Sean is currently based out of his studio in Norwichtown, Connecticut, and is an adjunct professor at several Connecticut colleges.

Title: “Solar Kinetic Sound Installation”

Art Proposal:

The work I wish to install for the Windham project includes but is not limited to my new solar impulse engines which will create small sound produced when a striking mechanism interacts with an object. Objects range from plastic cups and bowls to antique class bottles to found objects or site specific objects like lamp poles, train cars, etc. When I am invited to propose the final project solution, I like to look for the site and objects which will be the sound producers. I wish to take into account the industrial history and acoustic properties of the site. I like to work closely with those who could shed light on any interesting local history to inspire my final solutions.

Another separate idea for a sound sculpture installation I am working on is a mechanical clock which ticks away the hours and is powered by the sun. Ticking sound is amplified by vintage phonograph horns like from Thomas Edision cylinder players. This could be installed outdoors or indoors with sun exposure.

Please look at my work examples below with the idea that I sometimes adapt works which may be a good match for a site that excites me.