Rosary Solimanto

Artist Biography:

Rosary Solimanto is best known for her interdisciplinary activist based work which
explores the objectification she faces battling multiple sclerosis. She encourages
discourse on disability identity to unfold to empower the inflicted. Solimanto is an
emerging artist who has exhibited in New York City, North Carolina, Seattle, Pittsburgh,
Hudson Valley and Spain. She has performed in the O + Festival in Kingston, NY, the
Itinerant Festival at the Bronx Museum and has an upcoming durational performance
at the Nuit Blanche Festival in Toronto. Awards include Parnassus Award in Fine Arts
at Adirondack, New York; Kulakoff Award at Albany, New York; and the Sojourner Truth
Fellowship at New Paltz, New York. Born in New York, Solimanto has received her
Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Fine Arts, with a minor in Psychology from
the State University of New York at Albany in 2013, and received her Masters of Fine
Arts Degree in 2015 from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She currently
lives and works in Jersey City area.

Title: “Weight”

Art Proposal:

I would like to publicly perform in the sculptural work called W eight (located in the images located below). I would begin by removing my current shoes and then putting the steel Frankenstein like boots. I would then fasten the boots into place and walk around within public (to signify invisible impairments) and encourage discourse on disability identity amongst the viewers through social engagement to empower the inflicted. The performance may include eating, conversing, and being natural within the audience. The audience would be invited to try on the two other pairs of boots with steel attached at the base and walk
around if they so choose to. The two other pairs of boot s ( Weight I an d Weight II) will be located under the pop up tent where a person would remain to oversee the audience interaction with the wearable art boots. The length of the performance would depend upon the length of the opening. Since the boots are over 20lbs and made of steel they make a quite nice, loud, distinctive sound when they strike the surface. After the opening and performance, the three pairs of steel boots could remain within Windham at a location for the duration of the project, where the audience would be encouraged to try on the boots with a

The historical social injustice of disability identity creates traumatic experiences from institutionalized biomedical infrastructure. Art on this subject has been long overdue to empower the disabled minority group and to respond through a visual language to these prejudicial misconceptions. Objectification, purification, and perfectibility of the human body will continue to prevail, until art explores the dominant oppressive characterizations associated with socio-political cultural discourse on disability identity.

Weight was created to portray legs as heavy weights, simulating the difficulty and pain to walk or move when experiencing polyradiculoneuropathy. I used one inch thick steel at the base, causing the boots to weigh over 20 pounds. Inspired by orthopedic braces for feet, work boots, and Frankenstein’s boots. This type of pain one feels from this condition is invisible and worn on the inside. The steel fabricated boots are lined with brown suede to depict poverty one may face being on disability based income from the Condition.

According to current statistics 1 out of 2 people have a chronic health condition and 90% of these people have an invisible health condition.

Please see the images below to see the pop up tent with interactive boots, and performance.