Robert Green

Title: “Survivor”

Preferred site: Lawn in front of the Willimantic Town Hall or any area with a gentle sloping hill.

Art Proposal:

“Survivor” will be a sculpture that embodies both the main inspiration behind my work dealing with the biologic human system, while also addressing he notion of resilience. Through the manipulation of laurel and grape vines, I will be creating a large human scale sculpture that has a many intersecting lines that have a chaotic yet controlled flow from top to bottom. It will resemble a stripped down human figure exposing the inner activity within. The vanes, muscles and tendons will be represented through the networking of line through the use of the material. There will be no identifiable hands or feet as they are eluded to as the vines dissipate towards the outer extremities.
The sculpture will have an added medium of wooden crutches that will be suspending the figure as it rises from the ground up to its highest reach. The crutches themselves will be entwined into the form suggesting that the figure and crutches are on in the same. They are incorporated to not only elevate the figure but are symbols of hardship and struggle. These struggles whatever they may be are a part of us. Life in this society can be harsh, unfair and often crippling, yet we go on reaching for survival and peace. Survival and perseverance despite misfortune is the main concept behind this sculpture.

My hope is to have this piece in a well seen area with a gentle sloping hill. There will be no need for any digging or disruption of the land. My only request is to somehow aluminate the piece by means of electric or solar powered projection lights of high quality.