My Windham Project Acknowledgements

My Windham is a project that embraces an extensive breadth of forms, engaging the active work and dedication of many individuals from different walks of life. Gail Gelburd (Eastern Connecticut State University Department of Art and Art History) Jean deSmet (3rd Thursday Fests and Willimantic Renaissance), Jim Turner (Horizons and Kerri Gallery), James Finger (Windham Town Planner(, Victor Funderburk (Windham Theater Guild, Windham Arts and Eats), Kenneth SaintOnge (Saintly Designs), John Murphy and Maeve Garlick (Access Community Action Agency’s Hour Exchange), Afarin Rahmanifar (Eastern Connecticut State University), and Allison Kaufman (Windham Arts) met monthly, brainstormed and shared ideas. Together, they wrote grants, solicited artists, created social media accounts, organized performances, secured venues, arranged the reception, and designed the promotional campaign. In addition, several Eastern Connecticut State University students worked tirelessly to handle the day-to-day aspects of bringing together 35 artists in 15 venues. Kendra Streater spent a year as the curatorial assistant , and was then joined by Lauren Duke. Together they tracked the art, the artists’ needs, locations and installed all of the art. Duke created the MyWindham .org web site and Jessica Wagner created the logo and all of the materials for My Windham. Joseph Perez took charge of the budget and educational programming. Additional students from the Fall 2014 Art 345 Museums and Exhibitions course helped get the project started, researched Placemaking, and other potential projects. It has been an honor to work with all of them.

Fawn Potash, and Yuneikys Villalonga helped to select the artists who make this project so special. We thank Imna Arroyo, Andy Jones, Cynthia Guild, Tom Hebert, Kathryn Myers, Nicholas Kahn, Hea Kim, Emily Kohn, Bill Dougal, Jean Henderson, Nancy Hoffman, Alex Moshier, Elisa Sherman, John Byrne, Belinda Gabryl, Tenzin Wangchuk, Edmond Chibeau for lending their work. David Fenn, Jim Turner and Horizons, Gail Gelburd, Jessica Wagner and the ECSU Visual Arts Club and ECSU Knitting club all filled the streets with art. Ruth Hartunian-Alumbaugh, D’Andrea Knox, Bob Bloom, Bill Dougal, Suzanne LaTulipe and Dan Coyle will now fill My Windham with music, dance, drums and Vaudeville skits. We thank them for their time and efforts.

We also want to thank the many venues who so graciously gave of their time and space to make this project a true community endeavor. They include Kerri Gallery, the Lily Pad, and Windham Public Library for indoor spaces; Jamaican Me Crazy and Nassiff’s for store front windows; the Hooker Hotel and Meehan building for their buildings; Town Hall and Leavitt Theater for sculpture in front of their façade; the town of Windham, EASTCONN’s Capital Theater and the Windham Textile and History Museum for performance spaces; while additional art can be found at Jillson Square and the Whitewater Park.

My Windham is a project organized by Eastern Connecticut State University and the Town of Windham. It was made possible by the Connecticut Office of Economic Development for the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts, a federal Agency. Additional support was received from Eastern Connecticut State University, the Town of Windham as well O.L Willards, Willimantic Brewing Company, Meyburd Associates, Willimantic Waste Company, Meehan and Daughters Real Estate, Windham Area Landlords Association, and Jamaican Me Crazy Restaurant. None of this could have happened without all of this support.

Our gratitude goes to everyone involved. We invite you to enjoy the art and our town.

My Windham Project Partnership