My Windham Project Exhibition

A Message from Gail Gelburd, Curator/ Project Director

Art can reveal the soul of a place, and the place can inspire the unique expressions of individual artists. Art can communicate to individuals of all ages and races; it can breathe life into sorrow and joy, or create a dialogue about political and social issues. Art is education, contemplation and expression. In fact, more people visit museums than all the sports events in our country combined, because the sounds of a piano or vision of a tree, or just abstractions of reds and yellow, can speak volumes to anyone of any age, race or sexual orientation. In the “quiet” corner of Connecticut we may lack major museums or concert halls, but we do have the artists. In a town that is challenged by economic and social issues, these artists have come together to attract visitors and engage the community. Collectively they have generated an identity for our town as a place of creativity and self-expression.

My Windham artwork "Slingshot" by David Fenn, displayed in Jilson Square, Downtown Willimantic, CT

Our town can be seen as a Crossroads place; a crossroad between NYC and Boston, a crossroad between urban and rural life, a crossroad between its rich history as a mill town and the new technology. It is a place of many varied and diverse cultures. Willimantic is a town of Victorian architecture amongst STEAM education, of young hipsters, Latinos, and New England mannerisms. The art then includes landscape paintings and abstract sculptures, prints and photographs, images of the river, flora and fauna, while giant fish and frogs swim by the river. This old thread city will have webs of thread amongst the trees, footprints on the walk way, quilts and stencils on buildings, poetry and Buddhas in the windows, while music and even Vaudeville play in transformed theater spaces. Utilizing empty storefronts, and art galleries, bridges and town squares, the exteriors of empty buildings, the trees and sidewalks, downtown Willimantic has been transformed into an alternative art space by 30 artists in more than 15 venues. A stroll down this one-mile stretch of historic downtown Willimantic is an experience that will unveil the soul of this place.

Exhibition Artists & Artworks

Performing Artists & Events

An Eclectic Evening of Euphonic Sounds
Ruth Hartunian-Alumbough
Dance Performance
D'Andrea Knox
April 30th 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Bellingham Auditorium, Windham Town Hall
Sponsored by Willimantic Brewing Company

Take A Drum Ride
Bob Bloom
with band members Jan Jungden, Even Bellman, Tom Nielsen, and Spice Rack
May 14th 7:00 pm
Dugan Hall in Windham Textile and History Museum
A revue of songs, monologues and skits based on old Willimantic

Bill Dougal, Dan Coyle & Suzanne LaTulipe
May 28th & 29th 7:00 pm
Dugan Hall in Windham Textile and History Museum
A revue of songs, monologues and skits based on old willimantic

Visual Artists

Look for Artist Location |Number| on the Exhibition Map here.

Imna Arroyo
Linoleum Prints • Kerri Gallery |8|

John Byrne
Sculptures • Town Hall |1| and Leavitt Theatre |11|

Edmond Chibeau
Visual Poetry • Nassiff Buidling |13|

Ryan Christenson, "ARCY"
Graffiti Mural

Bill Dougal
Watercolors • Willimantic Library |6|

ECSU Visual Arts Club and ECSU Knitting Club
Yarn Installation • Main Street, Riverside Drive

David Fenn
Installation • Jilson Square |16|

Gail Gelburd
Installation • White Water Park |3|
Photography on Metallic Paper • Kerri Gallery |8|

Belinda Gabryl
Sculpture • Nassiff Building |13|
Installation • White Water Park |3|

Cynthia Guild
Oil Paintings • Kerri Gallery |8|

Tom Hebert
Mixed Media • Kerri Gallery |8|

Jean Hendersen
Photography • Lily Pad |14|

Nancy Hoffmann
Photography • Lily Pad |14|

Andy Jones
Oil Paintings • Kerri Gallery |8|

Andy Jones with Alison Brundrett, Morgan Hageart, Nicholas Khan, and Emily Kohn
Installation • Windham Heritage Park |20|

Nicholas Khan
Oil Paintings • Willimantic Public Library |6|

Hea Kim
Oil Painting • Willimantic Public Library |6|

Emily Kohn
Oil Painting • Willimantic Public Library |6|

Eleanor Linkkila
Photography • Lily Pad |14|

Alex Moshier
Mixed Media • Lily Pad |14|

Kathryn Myers
Photography • Kerri Gallery |8|

Kacee O'Brien
Stencil Art • Meehan Building |9|

Afarin Rahmanifar
Mixed Media • Kerri Gallery |8|

Scott Rhoades
Paintings • Lily Pad |14|

Kenneth Saintonge
Installations • Main Street

Elisha Sherman
Sculptures • Jamaican Me Crazy |12|

Jim Turner & HORIZONS
Photographic Mural • Hooker Building |10|

Jessica Wagner
Installation • Sidewalks of Downtown

Tenzin Wangchuck
Mixed Media • Jamaican Me Crazy |12|