Melica Bloom

Title: “Untitled”

Art Proposal:

“I have recently been very interested in experimenting with an integrated approach to public mural art. I am curious about the ways in which shapes interact with each other and the spaces they can inhabit, and the ways in which I can present these spatial cohesions in public spaces. Taking a stride away from dense subject matter in public art, I want to curate a wall through paint with the presence of simple shapes and line. I would love to be able to design and paint this piece on a wall in the Historic Main Street district of Willimantic, mu hometown, a town that is actively cultivating an incredible art district.

I envision this piece to be very colorful, similar to the mural I designed and painted in Harford (image 1) – Willimantic has always been a vibrant town and I want to accentuate this through my mural.

Preferred site and type: Permanent wall, pending permission of building owner. Ideally the surface would be brick, stucco, or wood.

Category: Mural / permanent public art

Medium: Oil based enamels