Manjunaath Naik

Artist Biography:

I am Manjunaath Naik, from Goa India I have been working in Art field since 2005 after my Graduation in Fine art in 2004. Since then I have been working in different mediums (painting, sculpture, Video Art and Art Installations). My subjects are mostly erotic but in humorous or abstract infused with nature, I also work with models nudes and non nudes.

Title: “Heart In The Jar”

Art Proposal:

I am always inspired my energy I feel around me all the time and I strongly believe that in every artwork that is created till date has secrete message in it that human eye might ignore but our soul always gets it and keeps it in hidden attic in our heart and brain and that is why our heart beats faster when we see some works of art and we feel Goosebumps . Only if we are lucky or connected to higher power we will see it decoding in front of our own eye.

This artwork title heart in a jar consists of one portrait, table, glass jar and beating heart (imitation) and motion sensor. When somebody will walk in front of portrait heart will start beating. preferred site for this work would be living room setup. This work is representation of every feeling human kind has and its relation to our heart.