Karen Elizabeth Davis

Title: “Untitled”

Art Proposal:

I feel truly privileged to even have the opportunity to participate in this art exhibition. Whenever I stroll by an outdoor art piece or mural, I wonder about the person or people who participate in these public projects. So often they are unattributed, anonymous, and yet I feel deeply connected to the person on the other side of that brush, we are communicating in that moment, we are connected. So this is an amazing idea, I see again and again that a hefty dose of art and music into a community can really make it thrive in a meaningful way.

So here’s my idea…I would love to paint a large Mandala in a very visible spot downtown. In my mind’s eye, it is large enough to speak to someone just driving by, or caught at a light, and yet detailed and intricate enough to draw people in very close, so that we may communicate on that deep level.

The Mandala is a sacred traditional art form, embraced by many cultures. It speaks to the vastness of the Universe, the beauty and symmetry and repetition that is the cosmos. They speak to me on a deep soul level, and lately, most, if not all of my work contains some elements of the Mandala. I generally work on a rather small, almost minute scale, often on tiny beach stones. I feel each one, and let it dictate the design and pattern it will hold. Each piece is a meditation to me, and my hope is that whomever is beholding the work can access some of the tranquility and peace that goes into each one. That’s what I truly long for, to draw the viewer in, and then keep him or her there, in that sacred space to ponder the mysteries that are our Universe.

Each piece is so organic, I can’t rightfully sketch or lay out much until I see and feel the space. So I have included some of the pieces I have already completed, it is such a tactile journey, I hope and long for the opportunity to feel out a space and create the perfect piece to bring a bit of the spiritual and peaceful and sacred.