John Byrne

Artist Biography:

John Byrne is a sculptor, painter, woodworker and designer who was born in Dublin, Ireland where he spent three years at the National College of Art and Design. In London, he worked with theatrical effects, fiberglass and scale models for sculpture. In the 1970’s, John was featured in many art exhibitions, earning 4 awards in Dublin where he also taught sculpture at the Dunlaoghaire Art School. His worked has been showcased in New York, San Francisco and in Ghana, where he built a visual arts studio in a local high school. Since 2011, John Byrne continues to exhibit his sculpture, 3D photo work and painting. He makes his home in Hampton, CT.

Title: ‘Leaves Of Grass’

Art Proposal:

After the 1855 poem by Walt Whitman, is # 2 in a series of Wallpieces begun in July 2016.

The date is conspicuous for being the densest period of the presidential Election campaign. I needed an antidote of sorts to the rancorous disconnect.

This lead me to revisit Whitman’s Poem/book. His Title refers to grass as the words and Leaves are the pages. The content is a celebration of People and the natural world, especially in America.

In turn this lead me to Grass as a visual writing form as a Sculptural relief, Suggesting the link between ground and atmosphere. The original plan was to Have the piece mounted on a tall Red brick building, where the ‘ Book ‘ could be ‘ read ‘ from far away.

Logistics prevented that from happening. I happily reconfigured the Cast Fiberglass units to fit the small red building beside Cafemantic, where a more intimate ‘ Reading ‘ could be made , and the material with its method of assembly could be felt.

The intention still is to have the various Fiberglass pieces resemble poetic words. Also, ’ The Writing on the Wall ‘. Ominous for our times.