Jim Turner

Artist Biography:

I am the Communications Director at Horizons, a nonprofit agency providing support services for people with special needs. We also operate the Kerri Gallery, created to promote the work of artist Kerri Quirk, a prolific painter supported by Horizons who has autism and is deaf. The Horizons staff as a whole, and the gallery team in particular, is a wide variety of creative and adventurous individuals, many with artistic backgrounds and training, and many without. Together with the 1000+ people we support, we are a mighty force with considerable experience generating creative energy.

Title: Horizons Self-Portrait TWO, “We Are a River”

Preferred site or type of site:
 Ideally, a long fence, possibly the one along Riverside Drive next to the river. Or, the side of a building – Hooker Hotel wall on Bank St is a strong possibility.

Art Proposal: 

We propose to do a second version of a large self-portrait that we did for the 2015 My Windham Project. That was a 20 ft x 6 ft vinyl banner with an image comprised of 2-inch square headshots of virtually all the people employed and supported by Horizons – thus, a self-portrait of the entire agency.
We want to do a similar project in terms of scale and site placement. The difference this time is we propose to create the image ourselves.

Using paint on the wheels of a wheelchair, we will create a template of a path or river, akin to the sequence of spaces on a game board (think Candyland), that we will then fill in using as many contributors from Horizons as possible. Both the folks we support (including Kerri) and the staff that support them will fill in the spaces with pretty much anything – painting, drawing, text, photos, glued-on objects, mementoes, etc.
We have appropriated many long pieces of vinyl fabric 5 ft wide and in lengths ranging from 8 ft to 12 ft. These will be attached end to end on a chain link fence, with the path connecting them to form a 30 to 40 ft long river-like “game of life.”

Website: www.kerriquirk.com