Jerry Montoya

Title: “Section 8”

Preferred Site or type Site: Building

Art Proposal:

I come from a place where there is no opportunity to become something more. My family emigrated from Colombia to America in pursuit of the American Dream. Instead they ended up raising seven children in the ghetto. It is a constant fight and struggle to break the labels that society puts into place. Growing up in an urban neighborhood you realize all you have is your family and your pride. The only role models are drug dealers; they are the ones within the society with wealth and a ghetto prestige. “Section 8” uses the arm and hammer sign to represent crack.  It is a portrayal of the intertwining of drugs, the people that abuse them, and the families tangled in the middle, that I have seen first hand.

I would like to propose a space that recreates this environment by filling the space with these boxes. Like being in a city or neighborhood the viewer would be able to walk around, threw it, etc.… to give that feeling that you are walk through the ghetto. In everyday life a person is constantly being judged, doubted, and ridiculed and vice-versa. This setup is vulnerable and interactive for artist and viewer.