Gretta Ingraham

Artist Biography:

Gretta Ingraham is a printmaking major finishing her last semester at Eastern Connecticut State University. She will graduate in December 2016 with her bachelors degree in visual art, a concentration in printmaking, and a minor in art history. Additionally, she has taken an interest in sculpture and installation art, and would like to expand her artists resume. Pushing the limits and exploring the challenges that come with each piece of work reveals Gretta’s perseverance and passion for art.

Title: “Disco Dolls”

Preferred site or type of site: Wall outside. Side of building or alley space.

Art Proposal:

For my project I will be using approximately 130 small, convex mirrors to create a sculpture piece to be hung on a wall. The mirrors will be arranged in an abstract pattern. The mirrors will either be hung from long wires from the top or window of a building or mounted on a surface, like plywood that would also be able to be hung or mounted on the wall.

When standing in front of the mirrors, viewers will see themselves close to 130 times. This project emphasizes the power of the individual. I believe that the power of the individual is strong, when and if that power is realized. In a time where so many people can feel so insignificant its important to reflect on ones self and remember that you are important and strong. The name comes from a personal feeling I get when I am dancing. When I dance I am the only person at the show or in the room, I feel strong and powerful and don’t care what other people think. The individual can be heard, sometimes we just need a reminder of how great we really are. The mirrors will be a place for people to reflect on themselves and feel powerful as a human.