ECSU Visual Arts Club

Artist Biography:

The Visual Arts Club strives to bridge the gap between innovation and creativity throughout the Windham community as well as Eastern Connecticut State University’s campus. In doing this, we bring together students from multiple majors and disciplines to create a well-rounded, diverse group. We pride ourselves on our strong sense of community and want to shed light on social issues through visual representations.

Title: “Mileage”

Preferred site or type of site: An exterior wall of a building is the perfect destination for the installation. However, the same project can also be done on a small shed or building in the round.

Art Proposal:

The Visual Arts Club will create an installation piece on the side of a building that will span floor to ceiling, consisting of a wide variety of shoes mounted on a chicken wire frame. These shoes will represent the different social classes, with lower classes appearing at the bottom of the wall, and upper classes towards the top. Lower class shoes will be old and beat up, while the upper class shoes grow newer and more desirable. Additionally, each class will contain a different density of shoes illustrating the concentrations of varying economic groups in our society.

String lights will be hung on the wall interspersed among the shoes, with a higher concentration of lights in the high class area. This will serve to illuminate the piece when its dark out, and also represent how the higher class is often put in the spotlight and looked up to.

The viewing audience will not be encouraged to take shoes, however as the installation progresses over time, we anticipate some of the shoes disappearing, resulting in the disintegration of the installation. We will capture the deterioration through a hidden camera which will be running 24/7 for the duration of The Windham Project. A time-lapse video will be created at the end as a documentation of how society interacts with our piece.