Carolyn Slead

Artist Biography:

Carolyn Slead makes her home in Coventry, a proud and loving mother of two teenage
sons. She is currently in her senior year at Eastern Connecticut State University where she is
completing Bachelors programs in Art History and Digital Art and Design. For as long as she
can remember, Carolyn has worked in many mediums but her first love is sculpture. In
sculpture she has worked with clay, wood, plaster, cardboard, foam, and leather, but has been
drawn to plastic because it is malleable, durable, and readily available. Different plastics have
different properties – soda bottles curl, while milk and detergent bottles tend to liquify, as an
example. These variations create texture and change the way light reflects and absorbs
throughout the work.

Title: “Untitled”

Preferred site or type of site: Recessed door way.

Art Proposal:

This Proposal is to be set up in a recessed doorway. Plastic fence will be attached to many
strands of plastic bottles to form one cohesive weaving of clear and green. This will run from
the floor up arch across the ceiling and down again to the floor. Attached to the bottes wll be
faces formed into faces, about 100.. Representative of how much plastic each uses and throws
away. The idea is to feel like one as under the garbage as they would be in the ocean, but to make
something meaningful out of what people see as trash.

Artist website: