Brennan Yau

Artist Biography:

Brennan Yau, a.k.a. Kako the Designer, is a senior at Eastern Connecticut State University who will be graduating in May with his bachelor’s degree in both Digital Art & Design and Art History. At ECSU, Brennan is an active member of the campus community, serving as President of the Visual Arts Club, and participating in the curatorial and direction process of various art exhibitions on campus. Brennan is also a professional hula-hooper and emerging performance artist, who says he “hopes to combine his love for both graphic design and art history to create spaces that explore what makes us human.”

Title: “Full Circle”

Preferred site or type of site: Any open space, preferably grassy.

Art Proposal:

I will conduct a public meditation performance piece where I will hoop-dance on a raised podium while blindfolded, in the center of the shape of Metatron’s cube (Figure 1). Dressed and powdered so that my skin and hair are all white – a pure canvas – I will meditate via hoop-dance without sight, but with directed focus on community, unity, intention, and awareness. This will be done on a pre-designed space, where Metatron’s cube will be painted with temporary, eco-friendly paint, with a one-foot tall podium serving as the center circle. Metatron’s cube is a sacred geometry symbol derived from the flower of life that represents our interconnectedness and power of creation through the joining of the centers of 13 circles with one another. Each circle will ideally be 36” in diameter, making the whole shape approximately 15’ in diameter; though the shape can also be reduced to 13.75’ in diameter, with 33” circles instead as well. The space will not be off limits. The dance itself will consist of slow movement, as the aspect of meditation will supersede the conventional notion of entertainment, compelling viewers to watch and relax. In total, the piece will be approximately 45 minutes to one hour long.

Preliminary Images: