Belinda Gabryl

Title: Leap Frog

Art Proposal:

The project will be a collaboration of Eastern Connecticut State University visual arts students in a three dimensional design class. Students will be divided into three “frog” groups and each group will focus on a different aspect of their relationship with the environment. The first frog group, Earth, will produce an earthwork that explores plants and habitat used by indigenous Americans. Their research will involve collaboration with ecologists, biologists and Native Americans. The second group, Fire, will produce a fired clay and concrete frog. These students will collect inspirational phrases from a cross section of local politicians, clergy and residents to create a mosaic frog sculpture. The third student group, Water, will construct a frog from recyclable materials and found objects in the Windham environment. These students will contact local for-profit and non-profit agencies that work to keep our river and marsh lands clean. Students will document their work in print and images intended for public installations. The work of all three groups will be mounted on 4 x 4 foot x ¾ inch plywood foundations that can be moved to chosen locations. Each group starts with a similar armature then completes their specific frog theme that will be moved to their chosen site. This project will give the students an opportunity to work with a variety of materials, to work collaboratively with diverse student colleagues, and to connect with a cross section Windham residents to help them understand the complexity of community relationships. All work will be placed outdoors in park, campus or town settings and will be designed for human contact and interaction.