Amelia Ingraham

Artist Biography:

Amelia Ingraham is a photographer from Connecticut. Her love for photography began in 2009 and has grown since. In 2013 she attended Hallmark Institute of Photography, graduating at the top of her class. While acquiring a variety of freelance jobs, she now shoots for numerous magazines and works as a photojournalist for several newspapers. The individual work she produces is often surreal and highly conceptual. Whether Amelia is shooting on set, or a moment she captures in the streets, she always seems to find the uniqueness in her subject matter. Amelia’s images showcase her passion for photography and allow the viewer a look into the mind of a true creative.

Title: “The Face of Windham”

Preferred site or type of site: Large outdoor wall space on or off of Main St.

Art Proposal:

The project I desire to create will represent the faces of Windham from my personal point of view. I plan to photograph several staple figures of the city (shop owners, homeowners, common street faces, and those who spent their lives calling Windham home). With the use of style, lighting, and lens choice I will glorify these average characters for any viewer to see. I plan on choosing and editing the best photos and printing them large scale on vinyl. Then hanging them on the side of a building in downtown Willimantic, almost as an outdoor gallery. My goal with this project is for the public to see their neighbors in an elevated form from their average day look. I also want people not native to the area to grow a respect and envy of the Windham Area.